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IBM Flash System

 IBM® Smarter Storage Solutions 

Do you spend too much time waiting?

It could actually be a storage problem. Storage performance is foundational and affects everyone. Application wait times can ripple throughout an organization, causing your business to wait for users to complete critical projects. What causes this? Applications wait for the CPU (central processing unit), which in turn waits for I/O—and I/O operations are consistently the weakest link in the response time chain.


It’s time to strengthen that link and improve overall performance for all of your mission-critical applications.

IBM flash technology provides extreme performance, microsecond latency storage that easily integrates into your existing storage infrastructure to help you analyze information and make better decisions faster for your business. Flash storage uses a solid state, memory-type device for mass storage rather than using mechanical spinning disk or tape. It is rapidly defining the new landscape of computing because the dramatic performance gains it delivers can translate into significant user and application productivity improvements. International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates the amount of solid state storage solutions being shipped to the enterprise will grow significantly, reaching nearly 3 exabytes by 2016.


IBM flash storage capability enhances system resiliency without sacrificing performance or usable capacity. IBM offers the highest performance, highest reliability, lowest latency and lowest power of the solid state drive solutions on the market. Flash storage solutions can help you by:

  • Improving application and CPU efficiency, decreasing time-to-operation results.

  • Reducing application licensing costs by reducing the number of cores required.

  • Freeing up database and system administrators to work on other business needs.


Some of the benefits that flash storage technology is producing include:

  • COCC Financial Technology Solutions—75% smaller footprint; 85% reduction in batch processing time; 80% reduction in energy consumption; and 90% reduction in on-line transaction response time;

  • Penn State University—Six times reduction in backup time; two 1U flash arrays replace 200 hard disk drives;  and 90% reduction in energy consumption; and

  • Mercury Technology—Oracle cloud services provider; 120,000 IOPS (input/output operations per second) at 50 microsecond latency; and installed in less than one hour.


IT Hardware Plus can perform an assessment of your current storage infrastructure and costs, and model what we could implement with savings projections that you could put into use within a 30-day timeline. Contact IT Hardware Plus to learn how we can help you save money with IBM® Smarter Storage™ solutions.

IT Hardware Plus IBM FlashSystem™ Fact Sheet


Understanding Flash Storage Technology

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