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Absolute Software

Absolute Software


Absolute Software

Absolute Computrace

Absolute Computrace allows you to persistently secure all of your endpoints, and the sensitive data they contain, to ensure—and most importantly prove—that endpoint IT compliance processes are properly implemented and enforced.

Absolute Manage

Absolute Manage allows organizations to persistently manage and secure all of their endpoints from a single console, including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices. Absolute Manage can be deployed as a complete asset management solution as well as a stand-alone solution for Mobile Device Management (MDM).

IT can replace multiple systems with a single solution so they can easily determine the status of each device, conduct typical IT maintenance routines, manage MDM and employee-owned devices, and take immediate action if required.


Absolute customers can eliminate the need for multiple products, managing and securing all devices and operating systems from a single console.

Persistence for the Endpoint

With Absolute persistence technology, organizations stay connected with each device in their deployment. This persistent connection allows them to monitor status and take proactive and reactive measures regardless of device location or user. Learn more about Absolute persistence technology.

Cross-Platform Capabilities

Absolute Manage installs easily on existing Mac and Windows servers and hardware components. There is no need to invest in additional infrastructure.



Track, Manage & Secure IT Assets

Absolute Software Overview



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