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Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Management

Today’s companies need to have in place a plan to Implement Disaster Recovery, and a strategy for Business Continuity.

IT Hardware Plus offers Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Professional Solutions including full implementation of hardware. Software/licensing and operational consulting are also available.

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It is easy to put disaster recovery on the back burner, planning to address it later when you have more time. Don't be fooled by a false sense of security. The time to plan for a disaster is NOW before it happens. Data backup planning and testing is critical to minimizing costly disruptions to your business.

IT Hardware Plus offers disaster recovery and data backup solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whatever your needs may be for systems, network administration and infrastructure disciplines, IT Hardware Plus will provide certified specialists to work with you to meet your needs and ensure business continuity.

Contact us today and begin to protect your company’s data with customized backup and disaster recovery solutions that meet you RTO and RPO from IT Hardware Plus.

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Business interruptions due to natural disasters and human error can happen at any time. At IT Hardware Plus, we ensure business continuity by architecting disaster recovery planning and testing solutions designed to minimize impact and decrease downtime when system outages occur.

Working closely with our clients, we map our business continuity solutions to their business objectives.

IT Hardware Plus business continuity and disaster recovery planning solutions are designed to operate in several different environments.


Implement a business continuity plan for your company. Contact IT Hardware Plus today.



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