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Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Hyper Converged Infrastructure SolutionsHyper-Converged_Infrastructure

Today’s companies are under constant pressure to increase the operational efficiency of their IT infrastructure while decreasing their costs.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure is designed to do both - combining memory, compute, and storage in a box, and can greatly decrease a company’s ongoing storage needs.

IT Hardware Plus are specialists in Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Professional Solutions, including full access to hyper-converged hardware, appliances, and software to deliver an optimized infrastructure.

Hyper-converged infrastructure combines computing, storage, and network switching with deduplication, integrated backup, and global federated management, simplifying your IT infrastructure and operations, and can reduce IOPS, storage capacity, and bandwidth requirements.

Benefits include:

  • Lower costs – ranges between 50% and 73% versus legacy IT infrastructure, payback between 6-9 months
  • More efficient IT staff through automation
  • Increased Data Protection
  • Improved Performance

HCI Base includes: 

  • Compute
  • Memory
  • Storage
  • Network Switching

Additional options include:

  • Wide range of HyperVisor Solutions
  • Virtual Data
  • Software defined data
  • Management software (single pane of glass) vs. Not
  • VDI Manage & Handle
  • Optimized Solutions
  • DR / Back up


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