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Thelen – SimpliVity Case Study 


We at Thelen have been struggling with server hardware constantly needing attention with numerous OS issues and failed backups. There was a need for a more reliable base virtual system and the ability to recover data upon a major issue. Using VMware up to this point has been a step forward but there was something missing…. The ability to recover from failures! Either from entire systems going down or loss of data. ….

We needed a better and longer term solution to all of this. SimpliVity looked like a great possibility! After seeing some demos at a user tech conference put on by IT Hardware Plus, the thought of replacing all of our systems and consolidating into one robust package…seemed like a very forward looking idea. …

As a result to all of the efforts that went into this project, we have been able to remove 6 physical servers from our data center, reduce total power consumption, reduce total data storage, reduce the time it took for backups and has given us the ability to manage everything from one management console. A big reduction in total time spent managing our systems! …"


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Senior System Engineer - Thelen Sand & Gravel, Inc
North Suburban, IL


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Migrating from AS/400 hardware


When IBM announced the end of support for our smaller AS/400 hardware, we decided that it was time to get ahead of the curve and migrate to a new platform. After doing our due diligence, we decided to consolidate our environment into a single, partitioned IBM Power 7. We selected the Power 7 because we have been an IBM shop since the System 34 days and have come to respect the reliability and performance of the IBM platform. Our new hardware is superfast and with the addition of the optional LT05 tape drive, our backups are measured in a matter of minutes and not hours as before. Most importantly, the Power 7 offers the type of scalability we require so that we are positioned to quickly and economically meet the needs of the future.

Steve Scott - A South Suburban Chicago Services Company


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Optimal Server Configuration


In early 2012 Suzo-Happ Group partnered with IT Hardware Plus to replace our IBM 55A with a new IBM 740 server to better support our company's need for real-time processing capabilities. The technical experts at IT Hardware Plus helped us select the optimal server configuration to meet our performance requirements and budget, with the ability to expand easily in the future. It was a straight-forward process to migrate our Progress 4/GL based database application from AIX 5.3 to AIX 7.1, with drastic improvements in over-all system performance. After almost two years, this server continues to meet our growing performance requirements with the outstanding reliability that we expect from IBM's p-Series servers.

Dave Lamblin - Suzo-Happ Group
Mt. Prospect, IL


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