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Time for a server refresh?

IT Hardware Plus recently assisted a midwestern manufacturer in Data Center improvement and consolidation with HPE DL380 ProLiant GEN 10 servers.

This reduced their equipment footprint by 50% and increased the data throughput by 40%!
HPE Infosight on HPE ProLiant Servers will further reduce and eliminate issues on hardware and support before they start, allowing the IT department to focus on business innovation, rather than firefighting.
IT needs to be proactive, anticipating demand, ready with the flexibility and capacity to meet business needs in moments, not days or weeks. This means server monitoring and management must be simplified, deployment and provisioning automated, so people are free to focus on strategic initiatives that create real value.

Additionally, the threat of cyber-assault increases exponentially. With hackers getting more sophisticated with every wave of attacks, protecting software and networks is no longer enough. Security has to take on a 360-degree approach, a holistic view that begins with everything that goes into the server, right down to the silicon.

This hybrid reality requires a fresh approach, a flexible software-defined approach, building on a foundation of intelligence that begins with the server. HPE ProLiant is the intelligent foundation for hybrid cloud delivering unmatched automation, security, and optimization that advances the way people work and live.
  • Workload matching—A standard feature of HPE ProLiant, workload matching encapsulates decades of HPE performance engineering expertise into preconfigured, user-selectable profiles that automatically optimize hundreds of BIOS setting combinations to precisely match server resources to workload requirements. Workload matching eliminates the trial-and-error—and risk—of server tuning, delivering the performance and efficiency of a server ideally suited to its workload tasks.
  • Workload Performance Advisor—Changes in business requirements and workload characteristics can require adjustments to server resources. HPE Workload Performance Advisor complements workload matching, providing real-time operational feedback on server performance plus recommendations for fine-tuning BIOS settings to adjust to optimize for changing business needs.
  • HPE Right Mix Advisor—Built on the experience of over a thousand hybrid cloud engagements, HPE Right Mix Advisor delivers data-driven guidance to quickly and confidently move workloads to the right mix of hybrid cloud platforms, ensuring optimized performance to meet business-specific needs while reducing costs as much as 40 percent.
Security Innovations
  • Industry standard servers with major firmware anchored directly into the silicon. With security protection built in across the server lifecycle starting with Silicon Root of Trust.
  • RunTime Firmware Verification—the server firmware is checked every 24 hours—verifying validity and credibility of essential system firmware.
  • Secure Recovery allows server firmware to roll back to the last known good state or factory settings after detection of compromised code.
  • Additional security options are available with Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to prevent unauthorized access to the server and securely store artifacts used to authenticate the server platforms while the Intrusion Detection kit logs and alerts when the server hood is removed.
  • Enhanced iLO 5 security features:
    • Server Configuration Lock that helps ensure secure transit and locks server hardware configuration,
    • iLO Security Dashboard helps detect and address possible security vulnerabilities.
  • HPE InfoSight provides a cloud-based analytics tool that predicts and prevents problems before your business is impacted.
Contact IT Hardware Plus and let our solution architects assist IT with all of the above and more!

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